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Civic engagement is incredibly important for the health of a community. The Reform Jails and Community Reinvestment Initiative puts the conversation of police accountability and transparency and alternatives to incarceration into the hands of the voters. To reestablish trust, we must establish an oversight body that serves to foster dialogue, feedback and shared knowledge between the community and the Sheriff’s Department. This is how trust is restored.

What Will The "Reform Jails and Community Reinvestment Initiative" Do?

1. Grant Subpoena Power

In response, on January 12, 2016, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to implement a Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission with the mission to improve public transparency and accountability for the Sheriff’s Department.

Two years later, we’re still plagued with misconduct in the Sheriff’s Department including deputies trafficking drugs, deputies raping female inmates under the color of authority, deputies assigned to narcotics skimming money, the continuous widespread reports of inmates being mistreated in our jails, and the countless “suicides” of inmates who were allegedly under the watchful eye of deputies.

To identify, expose and end corruption and misconduct in the Sheriff’s Department, we need a Civilian Oversight Commission with the power to subpoena records and to compel the testimony of deputies and their superiors accused of wrongdoing.

The Reform Jails and Community Reinvestment Initiative will ensure that the Civilian Oversight Commission has the tools necessary to do its job. 

2. Develop a Plan to Reduce the Jail Population of the Homeless & Mentally Ill

In Los Angeles County, we need to see a greater investment in our communities, and that means providing and funding alternatives to incarceration to help reduce the population of the mentally ill and homeless in jail. Instead of investing $3.5 billion into building more jails, we should be investing in youth programs, quality public education, and affordable housing to keep people out of jail.

The Reform Jails and Community Reinvestment Initiative will task the Civilian Oversight Commission with developing a Comprehensive Public Safety Reinvestment Plan and Feasibility Study to reduce jail populations and to redirect the cost savings to alternatives to incarceration.

The initiative will pave the way for the County of Los Angeles to reduce recidivism, prevent crime, and permanently reduce the population of people cycling into and out of jail that are experiencing mental health, drug dependency, or chronic homelessness issues.


Join Reform L.A. Jails at these events to sign petitions and sign up to volunteer on the campaign.

21Apr, 2018

Elect Your Sheriff Los Angeles

East LA College's S2 Recital Hall, 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez Monterey Park, CA 9175410:00 A.M.
07Apr, 2018

Reform L.A. Jails Campaign Kickoff

Mercado La Paloma, 3655 S Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 9000712:00 p.m.
31Mar, 2018

Sign and Get Petitions (East L.A.)

The Wellness Center at the Historic General Hospital, 1200 N State St #1008, Los Angeles, CA 9003310:30 a.m.

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