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Who we are

Reform L.A. Jails (RLJ) represents a coalition of Los Angeles residents, community leaders, businesses, and organizations fighting to permanently reduce the population of people cycling in and out of jail. RLJ envisions a future where LA has divested from incarceration and invested in community-based services. A future that doesn’t criminalize Black, Brown, Indigenous, or poor people, and where communities have the power and resources they need to keep themselves safe, heal, and thrive for generations to come.


What we do

We build an actionable bridge between current day criminal legal reforms and our end vision of abolition through electoral politics, policy change, demonstrated models, legal actions, communications and digital organizing, and grassroots organizing.

Cancel the Contract AV is a coalition of community organizations and leaders from the Antelope Valley calling for the end of law enforcement violence and racism in our communities. We’re calling on our cities and our schools to cancel the contracts with the LA Sheriff’s Department and reinvest those dollars in a new vision of community safety and meaningful services for our students and the community.

Cancela el contrato AV es una campaña dirigida por la comunidad de Antelope Valley, impulsada por Reform LA Jails, para responder a la violencia policial y el racismo en nuestras comunidades negras y morenas, quienes actualmente son monitoreadas por medio de contratos con el Departamento del Alguacil de Los Ángeles.

Measure R was a ballot measure in LA County that grew out of a decade of organizing to stop Sheriff violence and abuse in the jails. It was the first time in LA’s history that the people took criminal justice reform to the ballot box and won.

In response to Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s continuous misconduct, Reform L.A. Jails is submitting a complaint with the Los Angeles Civil Grand Jury, calling for the Sheriff’s removal under Government Code Section 3060. 


We envision a future where LA has divested from incarceration and invested in community-based services. Join us!

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