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We envision a future where LA has divested from incarceration and invested in community-based services. A future that doesn’t criminalize Black, Brown, Indigenous, or poor people, and where communities have the power and resources they need to keep themselves safe, heal, and thrive for generations to come.


We build an actionable bridge between current day criminal legal reforms and our end vision of abolition. We facilitate a roadmap to liberation through leading electoral campaigns, legal actions, innovative communications strategies, and translating grassroots organizing into policy wins.

Core Values

    • Building Collective Power: We believe in building community power and putting it to use for change.
    • Bold Action: We take on fights that seem risky and impossible but are necessary to achieve liberation. 
    • Systems Change: We understand that the current systems in place do not work; thus, we remain committed to fundamentally altering these systems to work for communities.
    • Integrity: Our work is based on moral principles around what is fair and just for our communities.

What We Do

    • Electoral Politics: Using ballot measures, electing advocates whose beliefs align with RLJ’s vision, and holding them accountable to the communities they have sworn to serve and protect.  
    • Policy Change: Translating grassroots organizing into policy wins.  
    • Demonstrated Models: Building roadmaps that lead to abolition and can be replicated throughout the state and across the country. 
    • Legal Actions: Using the law to change the law by holding people and systems in power accountable. 
    • Communications and Digital Organizing: Uniting on the ground communication with digital strategy to amplify the mission and needs of communities.
    • Ground Game: Translating movement energy into mobilizing voters on policies that bring us closer to investment in communities.